My DDDSW AppHarbor 20/20 talk

conferences,DDD 28 May 2012 | 2 Comments

So on Friday afternoon, 3PM, Mr Guy Smith Ferrier contacted me to see if I could fill in for a speaker who couldn’t make the event any more.

Being the good fellow I am, I said yes and proceeded to spend the next 9 hours re-working a grok talk on AppHarbor I did in January into the 20/20 format.

I didn’t get much sleep but I think everyone enjoyed it, including me, although I was a little bit knackered afterwards!

DDDSW was great as always and was happy to help the team out.

I’ll blog my thoughts on each session I went to in a separate blog post as I did last year.

A tiny mistake is that AppHarbor renamed “instances” to “workers”. Confused me why they did this.

Or you can download the Powerpoint via this link.

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