Dear SagePay, please suck less

ASP.NET MVC,SagePay,Testing 27 January 2012 | 1 Comment

This is a general technical and personal rant against SagePay. In this post I’ll present the reasons why I’m starting to get nervous about them handling my clients money…

Firstly, their sample ASP.NET applications, oh dear.

What’s wrong with them:

  • ASP.NET WebForms, no MVC samples.
  • VB only, no C# samples.
  • Heavy use of VB specific code, not much hope translating (even if it wasn’t a pile of crap) to C#
  • Reference and use MySQL which is extremely bizzare considering most ASP.NET developers would be using SQL Server.
  • Full of nasty SQL injection holes. (I hope no one actually follows their guidance)
  • Full of smelly, nasty and ancient code.
  • A reminder of the days before unit testing. I don’t want to go back, thanks.

Secondly, if you make it this far, their simulator.

Sage Pay also recommend using Internet Explorer or Netscape versions 4 or above.
If you are using an older browser version you should consider updating it for security reasons.

Yup. Netscape. That’s a blast from the past… once you manage to login, it doesn’t get much better.

Also, you better not use that back button! If you do and try to use another menu item you are greeted to this Whisky Tango Foxtrot:

Duplicate Submission Detected

Information in Simulator should only be submitted once.
Double clicking the mouse, or pressing the <enter>
or <return> key multiple times can result in the same
information being sent twice.

The extra submission has been cancelled. Please wait
for Simulator to respond to your initial submission.

Thirdly, they don’t seem to care. Its OK to make developers suffer and have sleepness nights about whever they managed to figure the mess of sample code they provide.

Seems the only saving grace of SagePay is this kind fellow, Jeremy Skinner, who wrote this wonderful proper integration kit that has these magical things called tests.

His similar rant post from 2009 seems to list many of the same things as my one. Guess even in over 2 years SagePay haven’t done a single thing.

The real shame is the lack of alternatives, I’ve had the fortune to play with Stripe. It makes me sad every time I look at SagePay’s solution.

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  1. Chris Nevill says:

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for this post. Most informative. Currently I’m staring down the same barrel of a gun of looking to build a new MVC system to replace an old system which currently connects to sagepay.

    Out of curiosity – in your closing comment you mentioned stripe. You made it sound like for some reason you couldn’t use this, if so could you enlighten me as to why?



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