Intel’s new i7 CPUs are released

Hardware 18 November 2011 | 0 Comments

Probably old news to the serious hardware followers out there but I’ve been reading about the new Intel i7 processor chips and motherboards that have been released.

First of, like you, you probably think the i7 CPU is old by now as it was released many moons ago. Well confusingly Intel have decided to continue with the i7 name but refine and improve the design, again.

The main improvements I see as a developer who likes to push hardware for mainly software are:

  • More cores! There are now 6 physical cores, 12 core total with hyper threading.
  • Quad channel RAM (over i7’s triple channel) meaning high end motherboards come with 8 (!) RAM slots
  • Bigger CPU caches

The crazy thing for me is that with 8 RAM slots, which happen to support 8GB RAM sticks we could be looking at easy available (high end) consumer computers with 64GB of RAM.

Although more realistically you would be computers with 32GB of RAM. Several UK computer hardware suppliers have been running special offers on RAM and a quad channel 16GB (4x4GB) kit is around £50 for a decent brand. This means 32GB would cost just under £100!

A good text review from Overclock3d and my friend Tom is here.

Tom also has lots of in depth videos here covering the new motherboards and i7 processors. Although most of his tests are aimed at gamers, I think there is an overlap in what software gains are.

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